How to Buy

How to order products for yachts using Yachtering

You shall have an Internet connection to order food and related products using the website

At some point You will offer go a simple registration procedure: enter your login and e-mail address, contact phone number and create a password for your account.

You have to choose one of the two ways of ordering: through a set of products or through a menu. In the later case you can select different types of menu, characterized by the time required for cooking.

By choosing products you proceed to the choice of the marina, where the service should be performed, and enter the name of the yacht and charter company, so as choose the date and time of delivery. It is important to consider the order can be placed no later than 64 hours before the expected time of order receipt.

After order placing you have to choose convenient for you payment method. If you choose the online payment on the website, you will need to enter data of your credit card. If you choose payment upon receiving the order, you can pick up the bill by credit card through the mobile terminal or you can pay it cash.

The placed confirmation order will be sent to your e-mail address. Another confirmation will be sent after the fact your order is collected and ready for shipment.